February 20, 2017

You're Pretty.

Hi friends!

We all have our "simple" moments, right?  Like, when we're a little LOT less intelligent than usual... we don't see something we're looking at, or you can't figure out a simple solution, or you ask an even dumber question?

Don't act like you don't... I KNOW you do.  Or if you really, truly don't, at least humour me for a minute.  

I have these moments.  A lot of them, in fact.  It varies between hilarious and alarming, depending on the day.  And so does my bestie.  Hers are less often, but they're pretty epic when they do happen.  

And whenever one of us says something really, really stupid, the other will look her in the eye, give her a sympathetic head-tilt, and say "Awww.  You're pretty."

It's our nice way of saying to the other, "hey, dude, you're being an idiot right now, but I love you anyway." 

This stamp came in the Big On Birthdays set in the 2017 Occasions Catalogue, and it would be GREAT for birthdays - especially those big milestone ones the women in your life are having - but you really have to choose wisely.  Seriously, be careful.  Tread lightly.  Know your audience.

But for me, though, this was just a regular friendship card that would be perfect for my bestie.

I'm so glad we have that kind of a friendship.


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  1. It's big and bold, and so very pretty. Who wouldn't love this card.

  2. Love this card! Next birthday card for me in November maybe??? OXO