July 04, 2016

Forgotten Flamingo... A Tribute to a Misplaced Bird.

Good morning, my friends!  It's late Monday night as I'm writing this - it's been a long day, I'm about to flop down on the couch and binge some more Grace & Frankie on Netflix before tucking into bed, and I realized it's been a few days since I've blogged... I should probably fix that, right?  Do you guys watch Grace & Frankie?  I was doubtful at first - since I'm very-much pre-menopausal, I didn't really think it would be my cup of tea.  But it is SO funny, and it's so sweet, lovely, and nuanced - seriously one of the most delightful shows I've seen.  And when I say funny, I mean it.  It's co-created by one of the geniuses behind Friends, so you know it's got to be good!  (Actually, the last two shows I've watched - the other being "Episodes" - have been co-created by different co-creators of Friends.  Haven't heard of Episodes?  Basically, the entire series is basically about how intolerable and awful Matt LeBlanc is... and it stars Matt LeBlanc as himself.  Brilliant.)

So I pull up my folder of pre-photographed cards and I realize this bad boy has been sitting there since MAY.  I made this waaaaay back in the pre-order period, before the new annual catalog even went live!  And then I promptly forgot about it, and it's been shuffled over and passed by for a month and a half.  This poor, poor flamingo!  I didn't mean to neglect him so badly... He's been waiting for so long that he got tired of standing on both legs and is now switching up...

(Does anyone remember that old Ikea commercial?  "And now you feel sorry for the lamp... but that's silly, because it's just a lamp.  It doesn't have feelings."  This flamingo is that lamp.)

Aaaanyway...  I'm really tired.

And since we're being honest (or maybe it's just me...) I'm now looking at this card and I can't figure out if the picture is slightly out of focus or my eyes are just bleary.  Did I mention it's been a long day?  YAWN!  

Pop of Paradise and the coordinating Pop of Pink DSP were some of the first items released to demonstrators - and boy, did I have fun with them!  They work perfectly with brights, which makes for an instant favourite in my books.  I love that the DSP has bold patterns in bright pink, classic black and white, and gorgeous gold - it's perfect for virtually every project on your to-do list.  I love that flamingo and all of his coordinating bits and pieces.  This set is going to get a LOT of ink in my house!  

Thanks for swinging by to visit me... I'm off to hang out with my besties (ahem, Netflix and a cup of tea and a slice of chocolate cake, if there's any left...) and then go to bed.  


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