July 15, 2016

Best Friend Badge

Happy weekend!  I hope you've got some fabulous plans ahead!  We spent the day at the Calgary Stampede with our four-year-old, so I am going to be in full-on recovery mode.  Kids are energy vampires - they suck it right out of you!

Today's card is a fun little mess that I whipped up this week.  I recently got the Badges & Banners bundle, and I've been noticing that most of the samples I see with this set are quite masculine.  And while that's AWESOME - because good masculine cards can be tricky for a lot of people - I wanted to make something fun and feminine with it.  At least in a modern, bright, funky kind of way.  And speaking of bright, modern, and funky, this is the colour pallet I started with.

Fun, right?!  I love girly without being smacked in the face with pink.  I've never been a girly-girl so this is right up my alley!  

But on to the card... 

Hot pink, glitter, ribbon, and soft vellum add a nice girly touch to the typically-masculine dark blue badge.  The embossed paper in the background is such a nice neutral - plain without being boring, adding interest without being overwhelming.  I had so many fun new supplies on this card that I loved playing with!  

I'm off for a rest - have a great day!  


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