September 13, 2016

Flamingo Quick-And-Easy Thank You

Hello friends!  I've got a quick-and-easy card for you today - so quick and easy, I used it as a make-and-take at an event that I was running for 24 people with less than 24 hours notice!

Wait, what?!  Well, back in July, my bestie became very ill.  Like, really sick.  I've known Allison for quite a long time, and she is a trooper whenever she is ill.  She powers through, the toughs up, she bucks up and deals with it.  Because "I am woman, hear me roar!"  And also, because "ain't nobody got time for that."

This time was an exception.  She had been struggling for a few days - still powering through when necessary - and then on Saturday, she called me at dinnertime and just said "I need to go to the hospital."  Her husband wasn't home and she certainly couldn't drive, so I whipped over and picked her up.  That trip to Urgent Care was followed by an ambulance ride, an admission to the hospital, and three more days of around-the-clock care in an isolation room.  It was really bad.  She documented some of it in a blog post, if you'd like to read more (or see pics of her in a hospital gown or me in an isolation suit!)

In the middle of that stay, Allison was scheduled for two back-to-back events totalling 24 people - and, well, that wasn't going to happen from her isolation room!  She didn't want to cancel with less than 24 hours notice, so... Yup.  That's what friends are for.  My husband and I cleaned the house like madmen, I whipped up a couple of make-and-takes, and I ran over to Allison's place to let myself in and steal all of the supplies and items I needed.

Needless to say, the make-and-takes had to be QUICK.  One of them went MIA following the event (I think someone spilled a drink on her own and I sent her home with mine, if I remember properly - the whole thing is kind of a blur!) and this is the other one.  

This flamingo card whipped up in a flash.  The guests loved it and it was so quick and easy to create with limited supplies.  All of the charms of a good make-and-take!  (#nailedit)  It was really nice to be able to take care of this and let Allison get the rest and care she needed without her business suffering.   I know she would've done the same for me in a heartbeat - hell, she once came over at 4am to sleep on my couch so someone could be home with my son when my husband took me to the ER!  Because that's what friends are for, right?  (Love you, girl!)  

Thanks for stopping by today - I hope you're having a fabulous day!


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