September 28, 2016

Dia De Los Muertos and the drilling of the bone...

Hi friends!

I'm hungry, I'm in pain, and I'm blogging.  It's been a while - I kind of had to!  I had a little surgery earlier to try and fix a tooth that has given me 12 years of trouble and already resulted in five root canals and three crowns - no word of a lie! - but that's what's made me pick this card to share tonight.

I'm sitting at the kitchen counter right now, warming up some nice mushy soft hashbrowns (seems like a good idea when I'm both starving and in pain...) and I decided to whip up a quick blog post.  One of the projects in my queue is this Day Of The Dead (or Dia De Los Muertos) card, and it seemed fitting.  Trust me, this all ties together... I'm getting there.

See, I have a little large love for sugar skulls and Dia De Los Muertos stuff.  It began about 17 or 18 years ago when I visited Mexico as a teenager.  The details and designs are so beautiful, and there was something about the dark subject matter- death, loved ones who have died, skeletons - contrasted with the bright colours and happy accessories that just seemed so... NICE.  It was such a festive way to celebrate family and friends who have passed, instead of solemnly and sadly mourning them.

Which brings me to today.  I will often sneak little Sugar Skulls into my life, and that currently includes a pair of shoes.  I bought some Converse shoes this year with a totally amazeballs sugar skull design all over them, and I was wearing those shoes today when I went to my specialist's office for my surgery.  He's a funny guy, and he took one look at me and said "Skulls on your shoes... is that how you think today is going to go??"  Ha!

So when I was choosing a card to share tonight, well... it seemed fitting.  Even though I definitely didn't die but almost passed out when I saw them drilling a window through my jawbone on the live-feed monitor.  Yikes!

There is a stamp set in the Holiday catalog called Mr. Funny Bones that contains a tiny, perfect sugar skull.  It also has 28 other totally fabulous stamps, but that sugar skull was all I needed to seal the deal.  I needed it.  Badly.

Paired with the Festive Birthday DSP and some spicy accents, this card is a perfectly cheerful way to send a spooky halloween greeting - or change the sentiment and it's a great everyday greeting for the sugar skull lover in your life.

Have a great day - see you soon!



  1. Oooo...Feel Better soon. Great Card! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's so funny. I absolutely LOVE sugar skulls too. I kept telling myself I didn't need the skeleuset even though it had the sugar skull. But them I saw your card and realized OF COURSE I need this set! Love it! Hope you are recovering nicely!