August 07, 2016

Succulents and Gardening Failures...

Good morning!  I hope you're having a beautiful weekend!  

Are you a gardener?  I have something between a black thumb and a green thumb.  Basically, nature is my green thumb.  If I put something in the outdoor garden, planted in the soil, it thrives.  I leave it alone and let mother nature take care of the rest, and my garden does alright.  I just harvested some beautiful pattypan squash a couple of nights ago, we had fresh garden beets a few days before, and we've had a steady supply of garden peas and fresh raspberries for weeks now.  My flowers are thriving and we're being rewarded with pops of colour every time another plant blooms; peonies, lilies, loupins, poppies, and more.

With that said, though, I have a total love-affair with succulents.  Even as a kid, hens and chicks were my favourite plant.  Each year, my parents would let us choose a plant for the garden, and my choice was always a succulent.  And in the garden, they're SO hardy... my hens and chicks spread like mad.  I have some sedum that took over a corner of the yard.  And you can't kill that stuff even if you tried... right?  I mean, it gets run over with the lawn mower and comes back!
So I tried last year to bring them into the house.   I planted a big pot of hens and chicks at the front door, and I bought all of these adorable little jars and mugs and even a tiny ceramic bathtub and filled them with sedum and succulents to decorate my kitchen.

A month later, all I had was bugs.  Dead plans and bugs.  I don't know what it is about me, but I couldn't save an indoor plant if my life depended on it.  

The succulents in the Live, Love, Grow stamp set are lovely, though.  And they don't attract bugs.  And they don't die.  And I can always make more to share with my friends.  :)

These are super-easy to mask and layer to make beautiful little arrangements without overlapping lines.  They make a perfect focal point without much else added to it!  New to masking?  Here's a video I shared last year that explains the technique perfectly.  I stamp each image onto a post-it, so it sticks, and then keep them in my stamp case for future use.

Have a wonderful day, my friends - enjoy it!


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