November 24, 2015

Season of Sparkle

Time for another christmas card!  I'm kind of few-and-far-between on christmas cards;  I don't send out a lot, and I don't make a lot.  In fact - oh god, here we go, I'm admitting it - I don't even buy christmas stamp sets.  (Can open!  Worms everywhere!)  I own three current ones; two were free product at an event and the third was a prize!  

That said - on the rare occasion I actually DO make a christmas card, I want to make it special.  The handful that I send out go to very special people in my life, and I want them to receive a beautiful card. 

This one might be my favourite yet.  

It's no secret that "and more" sums up my stamping style.  Even clean and simple gets the "and more" treatment - there's always room for a little something extra!  In this case, it's the whole shebang... vellum, glitter, embellishments, sewing, twine, foil paper, and even a bit of a Project Life card... the works!  But yet, it's not too much.  Right??

My favourite thing about this card is the gold glitter snowflake embellishment.  I dunked one of the wooden snowflakes into Versamark, then dunked into Heat & Stick Powder, then partially heat-set, then dunked into Gold Glitter, then heat-set again... a lot of work for a little embellishment, but so so pretty!  Plain wood is just a blank canvas, my friends!

I'll see you again soon with another fabulous seasonal project!  Cheers!


  1. Jaw-dropping AMAZING card. I absolutely love all the sweet gold accents and that little bit of stitching here and there. Oh yes, definitely to go on the favorite list :)

  2. This is dreamy! Love it! You're stepping up you game (but never needed to!) xoxo