June 10, 2015

Oh, my dear... what if you fly??

I'm all about fun and funky and cluttered and eclectic in my design style.  It's almost funny to people who don't know me well, since I basically wear jeans and dark, plain tops every day - it's not what a stranger would expect of me - but you walk into my house and it's punch-you-in-the-face bright (at least in the areas I've spent time on!)  I love colour.  I love mixing and matching unexpected patterns and prints and styles.  I'm the girl who bought an old church pew to refurbish and use as a dining room bench, because seriously, the chairs I *just* finished reupholstering for the third time are still too boring.

I felt like I needed to get that off of my chest in order for you to understand this card a little bit better.  It's totally my cup of tea (which, by the way, is another thing I love to the point of bordering on obsession.)

It's a mess.  A bright, funky, fun mess with a custom quote slapped on there.  It's mixed-media art in a card.  It's ME.

Newest obsession:  custom sentiments with the Alphabet Rotary stamp.  "What if I fall?" "But oh, my dear, what if you fly?"  It's one of my favourite quotes.  It just fills me with hope and peace and calm and faith in the unknown and the understanding that you can't succeed without taking risks.  Love it.


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  1. Love love love your eclectic style, Shannon. Pleas don't feel you need to apologize or explain it. You are an artist and you really inspire me. Love the cityscape tutorial. Going to try that next!