November 16, 2016

Artisan Design Team Blog Hop: All Wrapped Up with Fancy Frost, Here's To Cheers, and Tin of Tags

Hi friends, and welcome back to another Artisan Design Team blog hop!  We are the official design team of Stampin' Up!, and you're in for a virtual trip around the world as we share some holiday gift packaging with you today.  You're here with Shannon in Canada, and you'll be off to Steffi in Germany next - enjoy!

Today's blog hop comes with a funny story.  If you've been here before, you'll know that I typically have 3 or more photos (sometimes up to 12!) for my blog hop projects - lots of detail shots and focus on different items and aspects.  And this week's would've been no different, if it weren't for my own stupidity... Long story short, I took the photos and submitted my project to Stampin' Up!, and then I deleted the photos without saving them.  And then I realized this yesterday, so I thought "that's okay - I can retake them!  Lots of time to spare!"  And then I remembered that once these photos were done, my bestie and I tore apart the packaging and ate the goodies inside.

I wish I was kidding because this is just that ridiculous - but that's basically the kind of person I am in a nutshell.  Hi, it's nice to meet you.  :)

As I mentioned, our theme this week is holiday gift packaging - and nothing says holiday to me like Real Red.  It is THE quintessential perfect christmas red.  And nothing compliments red in a perfect, classy way like crisp white and fabulous silver.

Starting with a base of Fancy Frost DSP makes any project super glamourous.  The fabulous, thick, rich, crisp white cardstock is embossed with beautiful patterns - just enough of a touch to make it totally over-the-top gorgeous, yet a perfectly neutral base, perfect for embellishment.  The Tin of Tags kit has embellishment in spades.  Most of the gorgeous touches on these projects come straight out of this kid - the silver doilies, the red tassles, the striped paper, the silver twine, and the skinny washi tape.  All total perfection!  And with some beautiful sentiments stamped in Real Red, the treats are sealed and ready for delivery.  Love!

Don't hesitate to reuse the beautiful red polka dot tin that the kit comes in - it is perfect for holiday gift giving!

Let's hop over to Steffi now and see what she's whipped up this week.

Thanks for stopping in to join us on our blog hop - and happy holiday crafting!



  1. Pretty packaging!! Who wouldn't want to tear open the packaging and eat those goodies?!!