October 11, 2016

Number One Friend

Hello friends!  Happy Tuesday - it's more of a Monday in Canada, since yesterday was thanksgiving day - high five for a short week!

I mentioned in my last regular blog post that I'd had some surgery on my jaw - well, things snowballed after that (as they tend to!) and following the surgery, I got an infection, then the incision reopened, and THEN I got the flu.  Because why not, right?!  It was a pretty nasty week and I've gotten way behind as a result.  I'm sorry.  I'm starting to get my life together again, I promise.  #fingerscrossed

This card hit the post box last week and should be delivered today (once again... #fingerscrossed!  Canada Post isn't the most reliable.)  I figured it should be safe to share today.  

My bestie joked when I made this card that it would be for her, obviously - because she's my numero uno - and she was right.  Girl saved my butt this week when my family cancelled their visit and I needed someone to watch my boy.

Doesn't the ombre ink pad just shine on this card?  I can't decide if I like that better, or the faux metal medallion... decisions, decisions!

Hope you have a great week!



  1. Beautiful card! Hope you feel better soon! Thank you for sharing your lovely card!

  2. LOVE THIS! How is the faux metal medallion made?