October 26, 2016

Hello December 2016

This post originally appeared on the Scrapbooking & Cards Today Blog.

Hello friends!  

It’s no secret that I’m a die-hard Project Life fan; it was a complete life-changer after my son was born and I had a million photos to scrapbook.  I went from completing a handful of layouts a year, to being fully caught up - from my high school years to present day - within three years.  Amazing, right?!  The system is so swift and efficient, but most of all, it’s still completely beautiful and allows full creative control.  

Whenever Stampin’ Up! comes out with a new catalog, their Project Life lineup is one of the first things I check out!  This year’s Holiday Catalog was no exception, and I was NOT disappointed by the Hello December 2016 card collection. 

And if that’s not enough, each Project Life card collection comes with a coordinating accessory pack.  This is where the real swooning happens - embellishments and overlays and thread, oh my!  Even better, each accessory pack comes with a coordinating stamp set!  

The beauty of Project Life by Stampin’ Up! is that the kits are unbelievably versatile and truly perfect for every paper crafter.  As I mentioned, I love Project Life and memory keeping, so that’s an easy go-to for me.  Check it out. 

Project Life is as simple as slotting cards into spaces and journalling.  I encourage my son to journal; I think preserving his handwriting and thoughts in his own words is an important part of our family story!  

If you like to fancy it up a little, you can embellish the cards using the items in the accessory pack; a little bit of bling adds some flair and gives you even more creative control.  

But what if (gasp!) you don’t do Project Life?  These kits are still perfect for you.  Are you a cardmaker?  With the pre-cut cards in beautiful designs, plus coordinating embellishments AND a stamp set, you’ll be all set to go with the Hello December 2016 kit - your cards will whip up in a flash!  

Nothing is easier than when everything goes together, straight out of the box.

Maybe you’re more of a DIY-er?  One of my favourite Pinterest projects that I see come up at this time of year is the memory jar.  The concept is simple; together as a family, fill a jar with handwritten slips of your favourite memories from the year.  It’s a wonderful way to spend time together and have a beautiful keepsake at the end.  

The cards make this project extra simple - they literally just drop right in!  Other cards can be cut to write your memories on, and a bit of embellishing makes your keepsake a decorative piece for the holidays. 

As I’ve said, though, I’m a memory keeper through and through.  I love Project Life, but special photos will always need to be traditionally scrapbooked.  Isn’t it easy when everything is cut for you, though?  Traditional scrapbooking, meet Project Life.

The two of you make a beautiful pair!  

It’s so simple to create beautiful projects with these kits, no matter your papercrafting style!  

Thank you so much for stopping in today - I hope this has inspired you to use your Project Life kits in new ways, or if you’re a newbie, to bring Project Life into YOUR life!  



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  1. Wonderful projects Shannon! James' handwriting is the cutest way to preserve a memory!