May 13, 2016


Hello friends!

Have you heard of the #imbringingbirthdaysback movement?  The fabulous Shannon West at Stampin' Up's home office came up with this idea to bring back the joy of receiving a birthday card in the mail - such a fabulous surprise in a world of bills and junk mail!

Well, each of us has a birthday, and today, it's Shannon's turn!  Since SHE brought birthdays back for so many of us, it was our turn to bring hers back!  Here's the card I sent off to her.

Amazing Birthday and Perfect Pennants are two of my favourite sets, and they pair so beautifully together.  But the bad news?  Both are retiring!  Eek!   I whipped up this card in hopes of bringing as much joy to Shannon's special day as she's brought to the birthdays of others - and I hope it does just that!

Have a fabulous day!


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