April 17, 2016

3 by 3 By The Tide

Hello friends!

One of my go-to tricks when I'm in a creative slump is to make a 3x3 card.  There's something about that size that makes the magic happen much more easily; it's small and compact, there's not so much room to fill, and it's just a little notecard so there's no pressure!

This card was one of those little slump-busters.  I whipped out By The Tide, which I had every intention of making a masculine card with, and I was getting frustrated with it.  So I set that aside for a few minutes and whipped up this little one.

It came together so quickly and I was able to head back to my other card with a fresh perspective.  Sometimes, that makes all the difference!  3x3" cards are great to have on hand - I like them for when you need a "little" thank you - like when my husband's co-worker sent him home with a bag of easter chocolates for me.  Perfect!

And as for the other card?  Stay tuned - I'll have it for you tomorrow.  :)


1 comment:

  1. Love the little cards! Especially the one's you put together! Thanks for sharing Shannon!