October 26, 2014

Watercolour Hearts & Typeset DSP

I'm really quite in love with this card. I was lying in bed the other night with an urge to watercolour and punch out shapes from it. I'm glad the idea stuck with me because I usually forget these things by the next morning! I love how this turned out and it was so easy.

Do you enjoy watercolouring?  I never seem to like the process - it's stressful for me, because I'm always aiming for something and watercolour has a mind of its own!  I love the result, though.  When you're cutting pieces out, it's easier to get the look you want - you've got a lot of room to wiggle and move your shape around to get just the look you wanted. 

I hope you're enjoying the last of this beautiful weekend!  I've got lots of wonderful creations to share this coming week!  

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