December 18, 2016

Ornaments for Christmas

Hello friends!  It's Sunday night here, and today has finally warmed up after we've been in a major (MAJOR) cold snap for the last two weeks.  Unfortunately, I'm also sick as a dog so I haven't been able to enjoy any of it!  

This past Friday night, my Stampin' Up! leader hosted her annual christmas dinner and gift exchange.  Firstly, my apologies if I infected anyone while I was there - I think that was when this nastiness was setting in - and secondly, I wanted to share the ornament I made for the exchange.  

Each of us brings a handmade item to swap with our teammates, and I like to make ornaments - a nice handmade ornament fits every decor and there's always a bit of room on the tree!  This little beauty came packaged in a simple box to match, made with the envelope punch board.

I'm off to place a grocery order and get my booty to bed.  Here's to a healthier day tomorrow!


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