September 14, 2015

Happy Gotcha Day!

Have you ever heard of Gotcha Day?  Unless you're a pet owner to a rescued animal, you probably haven't!

When you rescue an animal, the odds are not good that you'll know their actual birthday.  Most rescue animals have a guess at age, at best, so there's no real way to celebrate their birthday each year.  As an alternative, many families celebrate "Gotcha Day," the day the animal joined their family, as their special day.  Personally, we've known the birth dates of our three rescue dogs (two were retired racing greyhounds with all of their paperwork, and the other was born into foster care from a pregnant rescued mama!) but we still celebrated their Gotcha Days every year.  Why NOT have a second excuse for cake??  (Because yeah, I'm the crazy lady that makes a cake on account of her dog.)

Anyway... my nearest and dearest friend recently adopted another dog - a little girl to join her little boy - and we just had to celebrate with a card and cake!  

I wanted to make a cool vintage theatre marquee, and I used a technique that she herself designed - tee hee!  It creates such a fun effect and is a great way to use the Little Letters dies.

And the cake?  Double-layer chocolate with chocolate buttercream and pink candies on top.  Perfect for the little lady.  (And no, she didn't eat it... just us humans did.)  :)

Perk #901824 of being a card maker: being able to make just the right card for the occasion.  Because "Gotcha Day" deserves a celebration!

Cheers and have a fabulous Monday!

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