March 07, 2015

Inspired by... Tiffany.

When I think of Tiffany, a very distinct image comes to mind.  Their branding is phenomenal, to the point of being part of the common vernacular - "Tiffany Blue" denotes a very specific shade of blue to almost everyone who hears those words!  In addition to their signature colour, I always think of clean design, bold black and crisp white, and shining diamonds.  (Ed. note:  Did I just use "vernacular" on a crafting blog?  Ugh, I'm the worst.  #nerdalert)

I was surfing through Pinterest a while ago and looking for a particular Tiffany ring that I love.  My search results turned up an ocean of images with Tiffany Blue, black and white, and diamonds.  What a beautiful combination.  And thus - this edition of "Inspired By!"

Simple, clean, and filled with the signature elements I mentioned above.  And the bow?  Yeah, that was because of the ring I was looking for.  This gal really wants a Tiffany Bow Ring.  Sigh.  I dream.

Have a wonderful Saturday!  

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