September 09, 2014

Woo-Hoo! (And what NOT to do when creating a congratulations card!)

I had this idea when I set out to make this card - and I thought it was a rather clever one, actually - of a congratulations/great job/celebration card that had a "shout it from the rooftops" feel.  I had all of the makings, right?  The skyline buildings from Calling All Heroes (one of my FAVE sets!), a big ol' Woo-Hoo from Just Sayin'... what could go wrong, right?

So, what do YOU think?  Is it a celebration/congratulation card, or does it look like someone in apartment 6B is reaaaaally enjoying themselves this evening?  The walls must be awfully thin... ;)


This one likely won't make it out as a congratulations card, but it was too funny not to share!

See you again tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. I HAD to leave a comment here as well on SCS: I am STILL laughing! Great card! Thanks for sharing :-D