February 20, 2016

Project Life meets Traditional Scrapbooking: Jamaica

Hello and happy weekend!  I'll be off to an all-day crop with my bestie today, but I wanted to share a layout (okay, two!) before I take off!

I'm proud to say that I am nearly caught up on 15 years of memory keeping with the help of Project Life; and the cool thing is that I only started two years ago.  Yes, seriously!  I've got about 18 months left to do and I'll be working in "real time."  It's SUCH a crazy thought when you consider that a couple years ago, the only family photos I could show my son were on Facebook!  

One of my favourite things about Project Life is that it's so versatile.  Truly anything goes, and it makes it so easy to keep your memories the way you'd like to.  I like to do traditional scrapbooking from time to time - not often, because I'd never get anything done, but it really is something I enjoy.  So I've worked it into my project life albums! 

Double-spreads like this, with a Project Life page on one side and a traditional 12x12" layout on the other, are not uncommon in my books.  I like the feel of it, and I find it gives the eyes a bit of a break.  Project Life pages are fantastic for including lots of little details and notes...

But every once in a while, it's nice to let a single photo tell a story.  This layout documents the day of our trip where I bailed on the group tour at the last minute and spent the day alone on the beach.  I really, really enjoy alone time and this was a really fantastic day for me.

I Facetimed with my husband and son, took a nap, had some Jamaican meat pies and a Pina Colada for lunch (oceanside, naturally!) and then lounged in a hammock with a good book for several hours, just listening to the waves and swaying in the breeze.  And in my books?  That is BLISS. 

I documented this day with the aptly-named This Is The Life Project Life card collection and accessory pack - I love the little details (shown above) that add a little punch to the project!

I hope a little bit about my memory keeping methods help inspire you - there are no rules, so find what works for you and get it done!


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