April 05, 2016

Make A Monarch

Hello friends!

Ever have a crafting day where you think "hey, it's been a while since I gave ____ some love..." and you're inspired to pull it out?  I had that feeling recently with my butterflies - the dies, the punches - and decided to step outside of my box and work with those beautiful bugs.  :)

The Butterflies Thinlits and Bold Butterfly Framelits come together perfectly to get a layered look, and this seems to be the perfect way to create a monarch butterfly.  My son and I watched a film at the science centre a few months ago about the migration of monarchs, and it was totally amazing.  I've never really been a butterfly fan... Okay, that's not really the truth.  Full disclosure?  I'm terrified of moths and butterflies are really just their prettier cousin.  I hate them.  But this movie was AMAZING and after watching thousands of them fly around in a dome-shaped, full-immersion theatre for an hour was like immersion therapy!  I'm still not sure I'd like any other kind of flying, hairy bug, but monarchs are alright in my books.  They sure are pretty!  :) 

Have a wonderful day - see you again soon!


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