September 29, 2015

Showered with Love

A few days ago, I shared a custom birthday card I whipped up - today, I want to share one more!  The last one was a very open-ended request, so I figured I'd counterbalance that with this card, which was a very specific request.  The customer asked if I could make a bridal shower card.  Why, of course!  Can I make it with penguins?  Sure, why not!  At this point, the request became quite specific - a boy and a girl penguin, standing together while a bunch of hearts fall on them, and then the sentiment should say "showering my new sister with love."

Well, alright!

I wish it would've photographed better, but the girl penguin actually has a little lacy doily veil.  Tee hee!  A nice contract to Mr. Penguin's tuxedo and little buttons.  The custom sentiment was printed onto Whisper White cardstock with my computer and added as a liner on the inside of the card.

I love how this custom request turned out, and so did my customer - so nice to see someone's ideas take shape!

Have a fabulous day!

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