September 09, 2015

Project Poutine Week!

Hello friends!  I'm back home today after two weeks of holidays to visit my family - we were so lucky to head to Kingsville, Ontario (the southernmost town in Canada!) to celebrate my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary!  It was a pretty special occasion this year, as the last time we all got together, my generation was the youngest in the family (myself, my brother, and our four cousins.)  This time, though, there are five great-grandchildren in the mix!  It was SO awesome to get all of the little kids together to play and visit and get to know one another.  My son has no first cousins (and likely never will) so this was pretty dang special. 

Anyway - onto today's project!

A few days ago, I teased about using Project Life for something fun - and it's Poutine Week YYC!

This past April, it came to my attention that our city (Calgary - YYC) was hosting a Poutine Week.  Basically, there were nearly 50 restaurants that came up with their own spin on the Canadian Classic (fries, cheese curds, and gravy) and for each dish ordered, a meal was provided to someone in need via the MealShare Program.  Too cool, right?!  And ohhhhh, we both LOVE poutine.

We took it VERY seriously, sitting down with the Poutine Week menu and our calendars, and planning our top choices and the day they would work.  Not going to lie - I gained 8 lbs. in one week.  Yikes!  But if we're being honest, it was TOTALLY worth it and I would do it again in a heart beat.

I made this two page layout dedicated to the joy of #PoutineWeekYYC - the first page to share our calendar, pics of our dishes, and one of my favourite poutine memes, and the second page to showcase an AMAZING meal we had with friends on the last night (and yes, it included poutine!)

But here's the thing - would you EVER sit down with traditional scrapbooking and spend a ton of money on supplies and several hours getting everything just right to scrapbook pictures of FRIES?!  Heck no!  Like, seriously.  No. WAY.  Ever.  Would NOT happen.  I mean, I've only done a handful of pictures of my own kid!

And that's why I love Project Life - it's so quick and easy, that it's designed to capture the little things.  It's not stressful, or time-consuming, or expensive.  It's perfect for getting your memories out and on paper... even when they're about food.  :)

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